Study Log

  • Zero debt

    For the last couple of months, I’ve been studying different subjects without a real strategy. I want to set that straight, by first I’ll finish everything I’m doing so that later I can look back at what I’ve done and take the next step. I expect to have everything ready by March (in February I’ll be traveling through Myanmar). The things I’m still missing are:

  • Welcome to :)

    This website is my way of “earning an academic degree” in what I’m passionate/obsessed about and wish to work on in the future. With so many resources available, I see no reason to pay exagerated fees for what I can do on my own.

    I’m not entirely sure where this will take me, but I have a basic hypothethis as a starting point: XXI Century will be remembered as the century of the new democracy. We are just begining to understand the deep impact technology can have in politics by giving unprecendented levels of decision power to citizens.

    I want to be an active part in building that future, so I must prepare. I’ll be writing book summaries, taking notes on lectures, writing technical articles and essays.

    Feel free to send me your comments to

    Francisco Ceruti